I can not wait to see what he does with our kitchen.

Mike H.

I hired Streamline Renovators because how well they explained the process of our bathroom remodel and broke down any possible surprises ahead of time so we had a rough idea of what a total cost could end up being if there was a lot of water damage. My past experience with another contractor was terrible with the cost of “work change orders”. Streamline Renovators are very transparent.

Finally a Contractor that is good and affordable!

Julie H.

I looked for a Contractor and found Streamline Renovators. They arrived on time as they said they would and that’s hard to find.They quickly figured out the problem with my closet door and fixed it in about 5 minutes. So I started thinking about my list of things for them to do and it’s growing. Streamline Renovators are respectful, on time, quick and knowledgeable. Finally contractors that are good and affordable!

Streamline Renovators were very knowledgeable.

Khan D.

Streamline Renovators were very knowledgeable. Their price was very reasonable as compared to the other contractors, who are never transparent you don’t know whats coming again with the price changes and work change order. Streamline Renovators did a good job building me an awning for the back door. I don’t have to look for any body else as I found Streamline Renovators.